Human resource management system provides an all-round control of all components of personnel management process, such as Payroll Management, Recruitment Management, Performance Management, Employee and Manager Self Service, etc. Human resource management system retains data and provides relevant details in a round-the-clock mode, which helps to manage employees more effectively. When any problems arise, Human resource management system is a key solution to solving them by tracking the existing data and detecting the origin of the issue.

As well as any computerized system, HR management system simplifies working procedure itself. It cuts out the necessity to deal with countless numbers of paperwork and carry out all operations manually. Thus, the system saves a lot of time and efforts that makes the work of HR managers and HR departments efficient and consistent.

Human Resource Management System includes:

Function of Employee Self Service : Having a possibility to execute some operations on their own, company’s personnel facilitates the work of administrative HR staff. With HR Management Solution employees can change and enter modifications to their personal data, check their payments, and trace their days off and sick leavesat all times.

The Payroll Management function : The Payroll Management function streamlines salary payment by integrating information about employees’ performance and attendance, as well as by reckoning bonuses, taxes and deductions. The Payroll Management function includes all employee-related operations and can cohere with current financial management systems.


Human resource management system encompasses other HR features and keeps track of personnel activity from their application to their retirement. All information that concerns place of residence, training and performance, payments, skills and capabilities can be found in the system. The system also proves useful in entering essential information about applicants and current employees, evaluating, storing staff records, implementing talent management, developing of the personnel. Human resource management system covers another function, which is responsible for time and attendance control. The system collects standardized time and spent efforts, traces attendance and absences. Moreover, human resource management system allows companies to perform adequate recruitment. The system provides the possibility to analyze staff deployment within a company, detect attractive applicants, put them on the list and recruit them afterwards.

Human resources are represented by the people employed by a company; and human resource management is the control exercised over employees, when employees are considered the main asset of the company. To manage this main asset skillfully, there is a smart system that can help to reach the overall objective of human resource management to manage the staff in such a way that a company would leverage from its performance and increase return on investment.


Human resource management software automates all HR activities. It allows to manage, control and follow exhaustive information about all employees from their first day to their retirement or termination. The system helps to reduce conventional paperwork and get all necessary data immediately. It organizes details about benefits administration, absences, etc., and makes employees more flexible and efficient.

A sound human resource management system can satisfy company’s requirements by:

- Modifying employee life-cycle and entailing tangible business value
- Controlling recruitment, training, benefits administration, and performance levels
- Enabling employees to have direct access to the database and manage employee information
- Executing administrative operations that include enrollment, personal data, position changes
- Providing the possibility for the staff to aim their efforts at reaching principal goals of the company.
- Bringing fine business solutions and facilitating business strategies to design explicit plans and make deliberate decisions
- Providing access to all corporate documents
- Managing applications and resumes.

Human resource management system enables companies to monitor:

- Positions held
- Payments
- Progress made
- Attendance and absences
- Employee performance
- Personal information
- Efficient employee detection
- Training
- Applicant interviewing and hiring.