Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) software is being chosen by thousands of companies around the world. If you represent one of them, DT-Smart will not stay aside from your needs and provide your business with high-quality technical services for Salesforce software products.

DT-Smart’s team consists of:

-Certified Salesforce developers.
- Certified Salesforce administrators
- Certified Salesforce consultants.
- Certified Salesforce advanced developers.


Salesforce CRM implementation

We’ll intelligently deploy your Salesforce CRM system with its smooth integration with 3d party services. We’ll identify challenges of your Salesforce software as well as offer you the right priorities.Our responsible approach to Salesforce CRM implementation generally includes:
- Requirements gathering, project planning
- Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
- Data migration
- Personalized customization
- Smart custom development
- Careful integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Atlassian, QuickBooks, PayPal, Google, etc.
- Training for end-users and administrators

Salesforce CRM/Service Cloud/Marketing Cloud custom development and customization

Our certified Salesforce developers will develop you responsive Salesforce products that anticipate your business needs and deliver exceptional experience to your clients.
- Custom objects/layouts configuration
- Workflow rules, Visual Workflow, Approval Workflow
- Email templates configuration
- APEX development (custom triggers, web-services, batch-jobs, Email services). Unit test coverage 100%
- Visualforce development, Sites configuration, Communities setup, Salesforce Lightning, Mobile-ready apps development
- Profiles, Sharing rules, Permission Sets